Cloud Application Manager

Application Lifecycle Management

Modeling, deployment and orchestration for the entire application lifecycle.

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Orchestrate Cloud Applications Easily

Application Lifecycle Management is a key component of Cloud Application Manager, a platform enabling customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds. Manage any infrastructure from a single platform by utilizing its powerful suite of inherent features, including optimization of AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

The Cloud Application Manager platform offers powerful Application Lifecycle Management capabilities. Deploy enterprise mission-critical applications across any physical or cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted. Take advantage of interactive visualization tools to automate both traditional and cloud-native application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time.

Use Cloud Application Manager to manage cloud applications

Application Lifecycle Managent standardizes deployment.

Standardize Deployment Models

Enable rapid innovation and reduce errors with a consistent configuration and application lifecycle management platform. Applications are modeled and shared for mutli-deployment scenarios with auto-reconfiguration, upgrades and canary deployments.

Application Lifecycle Management cloud app management platform improves scalability.

Scale Applications to Meet Business Demands

Rely on Cloud Application Manager to easily oversee the run-state of your applications by using automation to scale services based on constantly changing business demands. Mission-critical applications can be updated and migrated with confidence in accordance with corporate policies.

Cloud Application Manager lets you manage applications in any cloud.

Deploy and Manage
Any Cloud

Deploy in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments on AWS, Azure, Lumen Cloud, Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation, or others. Use cloud-specific services and have a consistent managed service experience across any infrastructure or application stack.

With Cloud Application Manager, reuse components across cloud applications.

Control Assets Anywhere

Discover and manage existing assets on AWS, Azure, Lumen Cloud, Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation, or others. Create a comprehensive vision of your cloud infrastructure that ensures your business always has what it needs, when it needs it.

Application Lifecycle Management Features

Self-Service Application Catalog
  • Cloud Application Manager's intuitive portal allows users to self-serve reusable infrastructure, applications and charts.
  • Components can be deployed based on pre-set IT policies.
  • Customers define applications with infrastructure that's provisioned at the time of deployment.
  • A wide range of inherent automation protocols enable flexibility across heterogeneous environments.
  • Federated access control, user management and permission definition of infrastructure provides visibility and auditing capabilities.
Auto Discovery
  • Discover cloud instances that are already running in other environments, such as other public cloud platforms.
Admin & Reporting
  • Extensive administration rules promote IT governance for the delivery of services as well as managing users, namespace, templates and resources.
  • Real-time dashboard for viewing containers, applications, resources, user activity and clusters in use.

Use Cases

Cloud Application Manager facilitates rolling updates and upgrades of applications
In-Place Updates, Upgrades and Rollbacks

Customers can push updates to components or entire applications that are running in production without experiencing downtime. Versioning control enables IT and application owners to choose all instances or portions of the same applications. When unforeseen issues arise, rollbacks can easily use the saved application profiles.

Cloud Application Manager makes self-service cloud applications easy to share
Self-Service Application Catalog

With Cloud Application Manager, customers can build their own set of applications and service offerings to be made available to various users. These catalog items or components have predefined configurations that can be shared and reused across any cloud.

Cloud Application Manager automates scaling and migration of cloud applications.
Scaling and Migration

A wide range of automation protocols can be used with Cloud Application Manager to orchestrate application scaling based on consumption, proactive changes, cost benefits and other business criteria. Customers can choose to automatically scale an entire application or various tiers or components. Cloning capabilities simplifies the migration of an application or service to secondary cloud environments.

Application Lifecycle Management enables CI/DC.
CI/CD Simplified

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment or CI/CD is a key element of the Agile approach to delivering IT services. With ever-increasing demands on Enterprise IT departments to more quickly adopt and maintain software and systems, new tools are required. Cloud Application Manager is designed with CI/CD in mind, and provides the mechanism for IT to be more responsive without undue strain.

Transform legacy applications to any cloud with Cloud Application Manager
Application Transformation

Cloud Application Manager gives you the choice of making your applications ready for cloud deployments, by allowing you to model both your legacy and modern cloud applications in a standardized platform that can take advantage of multiple cloud services. This includes both on-premises within your own datacenter, on Lumen Cloud, Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation or other third party platforms such as AWS or Azure.

Auto-discover your assets on any cloud with Cloud Application Manager
Control Your Cloud Assets

Leverage Cloud Application Manager to discover your existing assets on AWS, Azure, or Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation. Controlling your cloud spend is easier when you know exactly where all of your existing cloud assets reside. Create a full-scale vision for your cloud architecture that ensures your business always has what it needs, and isn't wasting money on things it doesn't.

“[Cloud Application Manager] helps the operations team stay in control of the bottom of the stack. We give game developers the keys to choosing their destinies, but we hold the skeleton key to everything.”

— Jesse Sanford, Senior Systems Engineer and Lead Architect, DeNA

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