CDN Edge Compute

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Flexible, controllable platform to deliver web applications

Content Delivery Network leverages our scalability, global footprint and proven customer service.

Businesses require freedom of choice when it comes to running applications and workloads. Different use cases have different physical and virtual locations, and developers need full control to configure and test changes before rolling out to production.

With Lumen Edge Compute, workloads can be deployed on our global edge network with 60+ PoPs in over 40 locations globally or even on-premises to optimize application performance and security. Developers can choose, configure, and deploy edge software from their own custom workloads or from an extensive library of best-of-breed edge modules.

Full DevOps workflow integration moves more logic to the edge so that every change can be tested in dev, test and staging environments. HTTP/2 and extensible APIs help enterprise engineering teams speed up deployment cycles and automate workflows so they can be moved into production as quickly as possible with minimum risk.

Advanced static and dynamic content cache configurations significantly reduce latency while keeping user experiences interactive, while real-time enriched logs and trending metrics help quickly track, identify and diagnose traffic trends, issues and incidents.

CDN Edge Compute Benefits

  • Security: Delivering enterprise-class security features such as Web Application Firewall and Bot Management modules.
  • Reliability: Built on the backbone of some of the largest global clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine and Digital Ocean), Lumen® CDN Edge Compute has large scale, exceptional peering, increased redundancy and reliability.
  • Global Network: With more than 60 PoPs in over 40 locations globally, Lumen® CDN Edge Compute brings a wide range of global PoP locations for enterprise and can add additional PoPs on demand to suit enterprise needs.
  • Application Performance
    • Included: HTTP/2, a global network and deep DevOps integration means enterprise engineering teams can build and deliver faster applications on Lumen® CDN Edge Compute than legacy CDNs.
    • Third-Party Module Based: Advanced static and dynamic content cache configurations, Varnish configuration (VCL) rules engine, front-end optimization and image optimization.
  • Team Efficiency: Teams can work faster and safer with Lumen® CDN Edge Compute as it runs right in the customer’s development environment. Git-backed workflows allow teams to push harder, faster and more confidently than with other edge platforms.
  • Outstanding Support: 24x7x365 direct, engineer-to-engineer support for all of our customers.
  • Modular Software: Choose the software that best suits your application. Upgrade when you are ready. No software lock-in and the comfort of choice between custom, open source, and proprietary solutions.
  • Real Time Deep Insights: With real-time enriched logs and real-time trending metrics, enterprise teams can quickly track, identify and diagnose traffic trends, issues and incidents.

CDN Edge Compute Capabilities


  • DDoS protection
  • Bad bot mitigation
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
  • SSL certificate management
  • Origin Shield
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Real-time Insights
  • Log Management


  • Dynamic caching
  • Instant purging
  • Image optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Node.js
  • HTML streaming
  • Virtual meeting room
  • FEO
  • Mobile site optimization


  • Low-latency live streaming
  • Transcoding/signal acquisition
  • Provider orchestration
  • CDN Object Storage
  • VyvxVenueNet

CDN Edge Compute Use Cases

CDN brings content and customers closer
Essential HTML caching

HTML document delivery is the critical first step in any page load. CDN Edge Compute is unique in providing a framework for caching HTML documents, the first piece a browser receives when loading a web page.

CDN improves security and reduces latency
True Origin Shield Security

An origin shield is essentially a caching layer in front of your servers. CDN Edge Compute caches both static content and HTML documents at the edge to provide a true origin shield that protects your entire application.

Delivering streaming online video globally using CDN
Global Network = Faster Performance

CDN Edge Compute serves traditional CDN workloads to improve performance across all devices, then goes another step by enabling dynamic content caching and HTML streaming at the edge.

“Whether you're seeking Web Performance Optimization, seamless Media Delivery, or enhanced Cloud Security, Lumen's Content Delivery Network solutions deliver."

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