Lumen® Content Delivery Network

Deliver amazing digital experiences with 170 Tbps of global server capacity on the world’s best-connected CDN.

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Reliable, Secure, High-Performing Content Delivery

Whether you are delivering video streams, popular games, online storefronts, or next-generation applications, the broad capabilities of the Lumen content delivery services enable businesses to stand out from the crowd.

With 170 Tbps of server capacity, more autonomous system connections than any CDN on the market, and a truly global Footprint® network, the Lumen CDN is specially architected to enable fast, reliable end user experiences. From high-performance live and VOD video delivery to fast and secure digital downloads, leverage our global capacity over 90 points of presence in 40+ countries.

Lumen is trusted by many of the biggest names in global media to deliver content because we provide the performance they need, and that customers expect in the ever-increasingly competitive landscape.

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Streaming Media Delivery

Provide a rich experience for on-demand and live linear streaming. Lumen’s global CDN offers the performance and scale you need for content acquisition, storage and encoding, to multi-device delivery around the world.

Web Acceleration

Enhance performance and availability of sites by leveraging our edge application delivery framework. Use caching servers deployed in data centers around the globe to host images, stylesheets, and other static content, all in a flexible edge environment.

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Enhanced gaming experience

Enable synchronized gameplay with minimized lag, jitter, and latency. Get critical updates to gamers quickly and securely thanks to rapid download speeds for new releases.

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Personalized digital shopping experience

Drive customer loyalty with user-friendly browsing and checkout processes that can be secured and customized at the edge. Lumen edge application delivery helps enhance the digital experience from virtual waiting room to state-of-the-art security.

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Powerful Capacity & Scale

Lumen operates the best-connected CDN on the market, interconnected by one of the world’s largest fiber backbones. Together this translates to 300+ Tbps of egress capacity, so your end users can enjoy great application performance.

Global Footprint

Bring content closer to your end users than ever with points of presence in over 90 metro areas and 40 countries, including strategic growth in Asia and Latin America. Extend the edge even further with Mesh Delivery

Secure, Programmable Edge

In addition to its physical network and software-defined content delivery, Lumen offers a rich ecosystem of edge services to be deployed directly onto our CDN infrastructure for a dynamic, flexible development environment.

CDN Features

  • +90

    major metropolitan areas with Lumen CDN points of presence

  • 2 out of 3

    points of presence located outside of North America, a truly global network

  • 170

    Tbps of CDN server capacity and 300 Tbps of global egress capacity across the Lumen IP network

  • ~55

    Tbps delivered on peak with gaming updates and video streaming

  • 51.2

    exabytes of content delivered by Lumen globally in 2019

  • 300%

    increase in delivery capacity in both Asia and South America since 2019

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Midtier Mid-tier is enabled by default on Lumen CDN to minimize requests to origin.
Dynamic Cache Optimization Custom configuration to apply rules to help improve site speed and performance, control content cached at edge, enhance content availability, save bandwidth costs, and provide origin offload.
Peak Load Capacity Alongside 170 Tbps of global capacity, IP planning and peering provide ample IP interconnect capacity to major cloud hosting providers as well as local ISPs.
Origin Shield Entrust only Lumen CDN parent caches to communicate with origin.
SSL Delivery Seamless SSL delivery with flexible certificate implementation including support for TLS, NPN, ALPN, session resumption, false start, OCSP Stapling, SNI.
Geographic Intelligence Prevent delivery to and from specific geographic locations including country codes, regions, cities, designated market areas, etc.
Header Authentication Configuration to block requests based on any header value.
IP/CIDR Blocking Configuration to block requests from specific IP addresses or classless inter-domain routing blocks.
Dynamic Origin Failover Custom configuration to ingest content from multiple origin locations for failover or from multiple origin re-directs.
Token Authentication Two-level token + cookie for HTTP adaptive secure streaming service.
Figure 1: Lumen CDN locations Map - A global footprint, with more than two thirds located outside of the U.S.A.

Content Delivery Network Use Cases

Providing rapid, reliable delivery of large software downloads to demanding end users.

Developing a reliable and high-quality OTT sport broadcast service to an extremely tight timescale.

Ensuring gamer loyalty with a scalable, high-performance content delivery network.

“As a leader in our market with customers around the globe, the worldwide speed, quality, and reliability of the Lumen CDN has been very important to us...”

— Krasimir Nachev, Team Lead DevOps/SysAdmin, Chaos Group

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