Content Delivery Network

CDN delivers an improved user experience for websites and cloud applications,
when high performance is essential.

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Reliable, Secure, High-Performing Content Delivery and FOOTPRINT® Transmission Services

For businesses that demand seamless Internet video playback, high-performance websites or far-reaching digital file distribution, Lumen's Content Delivery Network helps deliver content faster by leveraging our scalability, global FOOTPRINT® technology and proven customer service.

Our CDN contains racks of powerful caching servers that are loaded with high-capacity storage and locally connected to the Internet through a distributed set of Points of Presence (PoPs). This approach enables organizations to deliver deep content like videos, images, and stylesheets from a global network. By pushing content to users from the servers closest to them, instead of from a centralized location, we significantly improve the user experience, reduce load times and boost the overall performance of web and other Internet-based apps.

Lumen is trusted by many of the biggest names in global media to deliver content because we provide the performance they need, and that customers expect in the ever-increasingly competitive landscape.

Content Delivery Network leverages our scalability, global FOOTPRINT® technology and proven customer service.
Content Delivery Network acclerates delivery of web content.

Web Acceleration

Increase performance of sites and applications by offloading the delivery of static objects to our CDN Services. Use caching servers deployed in data centers around the globe to host images, stylesheets and other static content. This approach reduces download times, and keeps other resources focused on more dynamic workloads. Supports HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

Streaming Media Delivery

Provide a rich experience for on-demand and live linear streaming. Lumen’s global CDN is an end-to-end solution that offers the performance and scale you need for content acquisition, storage and encoding, to multi-device delivery around the world. Our CDN is architected for high capacity, high availability and low latency, delivering an exceptional Quality of Service (QoS).

Content Delivery Network provides a rich experience for streaming on-demand content.

Content Delivery Network enables SSL acceleration and delivery with CDN Services.

SSL Private Certificate

Enable SSL acceleration and delivery with CDN Services, while serving from your own domain (vs. using a CDN-provided wildcard certificate). This approach allows organizations to provide their own certificate (or a third-party certificate) to be published to Cloud CDN delivery points.

CDN Features

  • Lumen's CDN Service manages more than 1.4 million requests per second.
  • Global reach, with 120+ PoPs in Major Metro Areas across 6 continents.
  • Encrypted delivery over a secure network for reliable content protection.
  • Leverages Lumen's vast IP Backbone, with a capacity of over 120Tbps.
  • Delivers advanced end-to-end control of content and 50Tbps streaming capacity.
  • Designed for high performance, high availability (HA) and lowest latency.
  • Lumen's IP network is directly connected to over 6,000 autonomous systems, globally.
  • Comprehensive network-based, layered IP security, actively-monitored 24/7.
Informações detalhadas
Delivery Protocols HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured
Supported: TLS (up to 1.2), NPN, ALPN, OCSP Stapling, SNI
HTTP2 Hypertext Transfer Protocol v2.0 (est. 2017)
Video Delivery Technologies Suporte HLS: Apple® HTTP Live Streaming. All versions supported if customer prepackages content. DCP and Live supported up to version 5
HDS: Adobe® HTTP Dynamic Streaming
Smooth: Microsoft® Smooth Streaming
MPEG-DASH: MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP
Not Supported FMS: Adobe Flash® RTMP
Windows MultiPoint Server Media Audio & Video delivery
RM: RealMedia
Content Protection Features Geographic Intelligence Prevent deliveries to and from specific geographic locations around the globe. Lumen utilizes the geographic database from a third-party provider, but retains the ability to override inaccuracies identified in third-party geographic databases.
Standard geographic filters can be specified for Country Code.
Premium geographic filters can be specified for: Region, City, Zip Code, Designated Market Area (DMA), Line Speed.
Token Authentication Verify that requests to access or obtain content are coming from an authenticated source
Standard formats include: HMAC-SHA1, MD5
Additional configuration required for: HMAC-SHA256
Other formats require review to determine configuration needs
Proxy Authentication Configuration to process cookie, HTTP, and query-string validation requests with authentication servers external to the Lumen CDN
Header Authentication Configuration to block requests based on any (arbitrary) header value
Referrer Blocking Configuration on the Lumen CDN to block or redirect requests from specific referring URL addresses
IP/CIDR Blocking Configuration on the Lumen CDN to block requests from specific IP addresses or Classless Inter-Domain Routing Blocks
Response Code Redirect Configuration on the Lumen CDN to deny or redirect requests based on the value of HTTP response codes
Service Optimization Dynamic Cache Optimization Custom configuration to apply rules and modules to improve site speed and performance, control content cached at edge, enhance content availability, save bandwidth costs and realize origin offload.
Attributes include: MIME, path, path extension, Cache-Control header override, query string handling and Vary header
Service Management Log File Collection CDN request logs delivered to the Origin Storage Platform
Format: W3C, compressed in GNU Zipped Archive
Frequency: Processed and delivered within two hours
Dynamic Origin Failover Custom configuration on the Lumen CDN to ingest content from multiple origin locations for failover or from multiple origin redirects.
SLA Availability: 99.9%

Content Delivery Network Use Cases

CDN brings content and customers closer
Closing the Gap Between Users & Content

A Content Delivery Network can offer a better user experience by helping websites with wide geographic relevance to deliver content faster. Everyone knows latency is the enemy. Closing the gap between content and users is the most important benefit a CDN offers to both you and your customers.

Delivering streaming online video globally using CDN
Establishing a Global FOOTPRINT® technology for Streaming Online Video

When broadcast and video websites needed an effective platform to deliver high-quality content online, an enterprise streaming provider sought a CDN with a global FOOTPRINT® technology that could offer excellent performance when faced with large amounts of traffic, as well as responsive customer service.

CDN improves security and reduces latency
Added Security, Protection from Downtime

Lumen’s CDN offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL), an important security feature that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Enabling an SSL Private Certificate on a CDN allows for a secure connection between the edge servers and the user accessing the content.

“Everywhere in the world, at all times of the day, customers demand a perfect experience. Deliver on those expectations through fast, secure and reliable access with the Lumen Content Delivery Network."

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