This video tutorial covers FlexSecure, a context-based Authentication-as-a-Service API platform. As a partner in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program, FlexSecure provides passwordless and pin-based authentication methods for organizations of all sizes. Their technology enables companies to provide strong and flexible authentication for access to more sensitive resources and data, while relaxing the requirements for access to less sensitive content.

Check out this video to learn how to create an account, systems, and users, and assign existing policies to your FlexSecure instance. In order to follow along, you will need a CenturyLink Cloud account. Just head over to our website and activate an account. You will also need to register for a FlexSecure account at the following link: FlexSecure Registration Form.

Watch Here

FlexSecure Video Voice Over from CenturyLink Cloud on Vimeo.

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A written version of this tutorial can be found in our Knowledge Base. Be sure to check out the FlexSecure website to learn more about their solution, which can adjust to security authentication requirements in real-time, based on dynamic factors in the security equation.

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