What if a little genie told you that Aladdin’s magic LAMP is the stuff of app dreams. LAMP what? Well, the acronym stands for Linux the base OS, Apache the web server, MySQL the database, and PHP the scripting language respectively. It’s a popular mix of technology to build high performance websites and web applications.

Now you’re thinking what Cloud Application Manager has to do with it. It’s simple. We help you put together a LAMP Stack environment in no time so you can be on your way to build out your application.


Besides, here are solid reasons why Cloud Application Manager can help you build apps better:

How would you like to build a powerful web application that auto scales and automatically load balances as you attract more site traffic? Want to rest assured that your app configuration can work on any cloud, AWS today, Google cloud or a combination thereof tomorrow? Want to take advantage of the offerings from different cloud providers to maximize the best that the breed have to offer? If you answered yes to any one of these, then help is at hand. Better than explaining how it works, why not give it a shot?

Go ahead and build a LAMP Stack using Cloud Application Manager in under 30 minutes. See how this simple environment can jump start the app of your dreams.

Want to Learn More About Cloud Application Manager and ElasticKube?

Cloud Application Manager is a powerful, scalable platform for deploying applications into production across any cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted. Ele fornece visualização interativa para automatizar o provisionamento de aplicativos, incluindo configuração, implementação, dimensionamento, atualização e migração de aplicativos em tempo real. Offering two approaches to cloud orchestration — Cloud Application Manager and ElasticKube — enterprise IT and developers alike can benefit from multi-cloud flexibility.

Explore ElasticKube by visiting GitHub (curl -s https://elastickube.com | bash).

Visit the Cloud Application Manager product page to learn more.