The cloud revolution has ushered in some amazing advancements in the IT world, but with advancements often come obstacles for companies and those who support the technology. With the emergent new possibilities of what Big Data, IOT (Internet of Things), and Docker can bring to the marketplace, industry leaders are now, more than ever, in need of a better way to scale their applications without losing the features they love about the current multi-tenant cloud environment.

Developers and Enterprise execs alike have voiced the demand for powerful, dedicated servers that allow provisioning and management from a single platform. They want features like self-service, on-demand provisioning, and vast automation.

The solution: single-tenant, high-performance physical machines with cloud-like attributes integrated into a single, easy-to-use platform.

CenturyLink Cloud Bare Metal Server technology brings an integrated user experience with single-tenant environment to the cloud. These self-service dedicated servers can be an ideal home for enterprise applications that are either difficult to virtualize or that carry compute-intensive workloads, such as Oracle & SAP. Physical servers can often offer a cost saving opportunity vs VMs when dealing with software licensing constraints. This solution provides our customers more predictable performance for their applications to thrive combined with the ability to spin them up incredibly fast and provision them using the same management interface as their CenturyLink Cloud virtual servers.

Faster Deployment Means More Time to Code

Previously, the only way to gain complete physical isolation and single tenancy would have been to provision a dedicated server, either on-premises within an enterprise’s data center, or off-premises with a web hosting provider. While the latter would generally have been most expedient, it could easily take two-to-five days to deploy a physical server. And you’d be locked into a monthly contract, usually on at least a 2-year term. With Bare Metal cloud servers, you can be up and running in less than an hour, and pay on a true utility-basis, as you go, for only as long as you need that server.

Customize your hybrid cloud solution through a unified management of resources, by combining CenturyLink’s Bare Metal Servers with our elastic Cloud Servers on the stack to manage and scale three-tier applications. Multi-tier applications can have diverse requirements that the CenturyLink Cloud solution can easily tackle by combining virtual machines with our Bare Metal Servers. Our customers can benefit from this hybrid cloud model by deploying the appropriate application tiers to the best suited form of infrastructure. The web tiers get the agility and elasticity of the virtual environment that they demand, while the application and database tiers requirements for performance and isolation are met on CenturyLink Cloud Bare Metal Servers.

Another way of benefiting from this hybrid approach is to start with a development environment that’s entirely virtual. Then as you move to test and production environments, you can migrate different workloads to physical servers. This puts the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud to good use. So in the end you may keep your web tier on Cloud Servers, but deploy your applications and database on Bare Metal Servers.

Implementing CenturyLink Bare Metal Severs give your engineers the raw power and consistency needed to successfully scale and remain agile. In an effort to better meet our customers' needs and the ever-changing market, we beefed up the feature set and availability for our Bare Metal servers, providing our customers with more options regarding how and where they can build their Bare Metal instances.

Optimize Development and Production Database Environments Using DBaaS and Bare Metal Servers

Any database administrator can tell you how challenging it is to adapt a database from dev into test and eventually into production. How many resources are needed? How much storage? How much RAM? How many vCPUs?

CenturyLink's Relational DB Service provides a safe and simple way to help transition a database through the application development process, and Bare Metal provides the perfect hosting environment.

During the development phase, Relational DB Service can provision databases in low-cost configurations geared toward development activities. As the application evolves, the Relational DB Service allows you to seamlessly scale these databases for production, reconfiguring them with higher levels of availability and performance. Or you can just turn off any instances that you don’t need once you’re out of dev/test. Relational DB Service takes the pain out of managing the infrastructure so you can put your energies into more important things, and improve your ability to transition seamlessly from development to production.

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