If you're a developer looking to streamline the process of launching your applications in the cloud, Cloudsoft offers a software that helps cut down on the provisioning and manual operations of runbooks, allowing developers the ability to design, deploy, and operate at high velocity.

Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP) is designed to integrate the development and operation aspects of an application. AMP orchestrates services, platforms, and infrastructures to ensure they directly meet the needs of applications, dynamically and in real-time. This results in more reliable operations, productive development, and greater agility for IT to respond to their business needs. AMP is built on the open-source project Apache Brooklyn, with Cloudsoft's commercial support and additional enterprise features. CenturyLink Cloud works with Cloudsoft to provide agility and reliability throughout the application lifecycle.

Manage Your Digital Transformation Across any Infrastructure

There are many things that Cloudsoft AMP brings to the cloud, including cloud-native modeling and steady platforms that provide consistency across environments. In addition, Cloudsoft AMP helps to expand a developer's capacity for productivity by allowing he/she to focus on the reliability of environments, rather than just developing the basic features for an environment to successfully operate.

The key to Cloudsoft AMP's management environment is consistency, which plays a big role in how customers can operate within the environment. Applications are viewed within the same perspective, which allows for the simplification of any environment, from traditional on-prem to hybrid cloud and platforms. The modeling tools provide a full, up-to-date view of your new and existing applications.

Highlights Include:

  • Policy-based management, recording every condition within the system.
  • Full-access system features that help in the understanding of auditing, troubleshooting, and usage, including SLA's.
  • Easy-to-operate management tools (via CLI, API, or UI)that help applications with automated tasks such as self-configuring, optimization, healing and protecting.
  • A mix-and-match approach to infrastructure -- applications can run on bare metal, virtual machines, and containers without worry.
  • Portable blueprints that apply across public, private, and hybrid clouds, PaaS, and containers.
  • A unified and managed view of applications.

Como começar


Access to the CenturyLink Platform as an authorized user.

If you are ready to get started, but are not yet a CenturyLink Cloud customer, no problem. Just head over to our website and activate an account.


After completing this tutorial, the user will be able to install and use Cloudsoft AMP Open Edition in the CenturyLink Platform.


If you are deploying from "CenturyLink Blueprints Library" all the prerequisites are configured. There is no need to perform any tasks.

Deploying the "Cloudsoft AMP 4" Blueprint

Steps to Deploy Blueprint

  1. Login to the Control Portal. From the left side navigation menu, click Orchestration > Blueprints Library.

  2. Search for "AMP" in the keyword search on the right side of the page and filter for "Monitoring" Solution.

  3. Locate the "Cloudsoft AMP 4" Blueprint.

  4. Click the "Cloudsoft AMP 4" Blueprint, then in the following page click Deploy Blueprint.

  5. Deploy Cloudsoft AMP 4 Blueprint section where you will complete the following tasks:

    • Specify password

    • Confirmar senha

    • Select Primary DNS (e.g., "Manually Specify")

    • Optionally update Network, Secondary DNS, and Server type.


Specify the Server Name(s) section


AMP 4 Install Script on AMP4 Section Tasks:

  • Specify AMP Username (e.g., admin).

  • Specify AMP Password.

  • Specify CenturyLink Cloud account.

  • Specify CenturyLink Cloud password.

  • Select one or multiple CenturyLink Cloud data centers to configure as AMP locations, or "(None)" if none are needed.

  • Accept the Cloudsoft Trial Software License Agreement Terms and Conditions.


Review and Confirm the Blueprint

  • Click next: etapa 2.

  • Verify your configuration details.

Deploy the Blueprint

Once verified, click the deploy blueprint button. You will see the deployment details along with an email stating the Blueprint is queued for execution. This will kick off the blueprint deploy process and load a page to allow you to track the progress of the deployment.

Monitor the Activity Queue

Monitor the Deployment Queue to view the progress of the Blueprint. To monitor progress, click Queue from the Navigation Menu on the left. Once the Blueprint completes successfully, you will receive an email stating that the blueprint build is complete. Please do not use the application until you have received this email notification.

Access Your AMP 4 Server

After your Blueprint deploys successfully, please follow these instructions to access your server:

Click on the link that brings you to the VM that hosts AMP 4 and grab the public IP address of that VM. Refresh the page if you cannot see the link, or just browse to the VM in the Control Portal.


Browse to http ://PublicIpAddress:8080 and use the credentials specified at "AMP 4 Install Script on AMP4-" section.

Start deploying AMP blueprints to the CenturyLink Cloud Data centers specified above.

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