Using the API to Create Users

Updated by Ted Henley on 28 de maio de 2015
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You can use the Lumen Cloud API to perform the same actions programmatically as you can from within the Control Portal. The below example shows how to create a user via the API.

For more details about the specific API functions used below, reference the complete API documentation.


There are two steps to creating a user.

  1. Authenticate to the API (v1) using an account with appropriate permissions to create a user in the target account.
  2. Create the account.

1. Pré-requisitos

Prior to creating a user via the API, you must have an API user created. To do that, you will need the API key and password. Directions for creating a user via the API can be referenced here.

2. Autenticação

While there are multiple ways to authenticate, this example uses the REST method. In PowerShell you can authenticate using this code:

Invoke-RestMethod -URI "" -Method POST -ContentType application/json -Body "{'APIKey': '[Your APIKey]', 'Password': '[Your APIPassword]'}" -SessionVariable session

Be sure to replace the API key and password in the string. Once you authenticate successfully, you will receive a message similar to the following:

Success    : True
Message    : Login Successful
StatusCode : 0

3. Criar usuário

The API for creating a user is available at

At a minimum, you must specify UserName, AccountAlias, EmailAddress, FirstName, and LastName. While it is not required, adding Roles at the same time is recommended. A sample PowerShell call may look like this:

$UserInfo = @"
'UserName':'', #This can be anything, but email is most common
'AccountAlias':'ABCD', #This is the account alias the user will be in
'EmailAddress': '',
'Roles':[12,14] #This gives him network manager and server operator roles
Invoke-WebRequest -URI ‘’ -Method POST -ContentType application/json -Body $UserInfo -WebSession $session -verbose
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