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Lumen Edge Bare Metal APIs

Updated by Brandy Smith on jul 7, 2021
Código do artigo: kb/1415

Lumen Edge Bare Metal Beta APIs Overview

Lumen Edge Bare Metal Beta APIs are now available to all Edge Bare Metal customers via the Lumen API Marketplace under the Edge Compute catalog.

Functional Overview

The Lumen Platform provides on-demand provisioning, monitoring, and logging of low latency compute nodes on the edge.
This document describes the Lumen Edge Compute API protocol and the available API functionality.

Intended User (Target Audience)

The Edge Compute APIs are only for use by Edge Bare Metal customers. All Edge customers should request access to the Edge Compute APIs through the Lumen API Marketplace.
If you do not have an Edge Platform account please reach out to your account manager or activate your account here.

Once you have an active account you will need to complete the required authentication and authorization prerequisites before accessing the APIs.

Business Benefits

The Edge Compute APIs allow our customers to directly call APIs from their own application instead of having to login to a Lumen system or front end application to get information or complete actions.
This enables a more efficient process for provisioning compute instances, monitoring logs, viewing statistics, and managing workloads.
Lumen will be adding additional APIs to the Bare Metal API catalog in future releases to provide robust API functionality.

Edge Bare Metal API Documentation

Go to our Lumen Edge API Documentation page to see code samples and the list of APIs available.

How to Access the Edge Bare Metal APIs

Current Edge Bare Metal customers can access the APIs via the same portal where they provision their Edge Bare Metal Servers by clicking the "Support" tab in the top right corner of the portal and then selecting "API Marketplace".

Users will then be prompted to register, if they are a first time user of the API Marketplace, or login if they have previously registered.

If you need further assistance accessing the APIs, please feel free to reach out to your account manager or email our API support team.

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