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Lumen and Customer Responsibilities for Lumen Network Storage

Updated by Dave Schwent on May 20, 2021
Article Code: kb/1332


This document provides an overview of Lumen and customer responsibilities for Lumen Network Storage.


Lumen Network Storage users.


An understanding of how to get started with Lumen Network Storage.

Important Information

This document is not a complete description of every responsibility regarding use of Lumen Network Storage but should provide context regarding user responsibilities and Lumen support. For more information, see the Lumen Network Storage Service Guide.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer will designate and maintain a Customer Contact while using the service. This means a technical point of contact with sufficient knowledge, authority and access to address configuration issues, event notifications, system or infrastructure modifications and authentication of applicable systems.

For any Service Pod located on-premise, Customer agrees:

  • Customer will maintain all rights, authorizations, permissions and consents necessary to enable Lumen to operate and maintain the services at the locations.
    If the Customer has an Access Control List (ACL) that interferes with management connections, Lumen must have access for management and monitoring.
  • Customer will provide secure, suitable space and environmental conditions, including power supply, rack space, HVAC, cabling, lighting and any other items for environment requirements, at location(s) as necessary for the installation, operation or maintenance of the service, including cabling for connectivity between the hardware and the Lumen network.
  • To ensure that Lumen has safe and timely access to the locations to enable us to test, operate, maintain and disconnect the services.
  • That no one will move, configure, tamper with, modify, restrict access to, or attempt to repair the services, the hardware or network or interfere with maintenance.
  • To bear the risk of loss, theft, destruction, or damage to the hardware at locations.
  • To provide information and cooperation reasonably required by Lumen to provide the services.
  • To provide immediate access to the data center for Lumen’s approved personnel to resolve any issues with the Service Pod that cannot be resolved remotely.

Customer is responsible for changes it makes to the service via the Portal, for maintaining appropriate security, routine archiving of content, and protection and backup of applicable content, which may include use of encryption technology to protect content from unauthorized access. Lumen is not responsible for service interruptions caused by the customer that affect the service.

Lumen’s Responsibilities

Lumen responsibilities for Lumen Network Storage are restricted to components of the Service Pod, up to and including the network switch contained within the Pod, and any Lumen provided tools or systems necessary for managing the service.

Lumen is not responsible for network connections beyond the Service Pod, unless such connections are managed by Lumen as part of a separate purchased service.

Lumen is not responsible or liable for any delays, security policies, security breaches or related security attaches attributable to the services or connectivity between Storage Nodes.