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Using Object Storage From 3rd Party Tools

Updated by Brad Lewis, updated by Randy Roten on Aug 10, 2021
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A variety of freeware and shareware FTP clients are available for FTP processes. Examples include Cyberduck, Cloudberry Browser, S3cmd, and others. Additionally, most enterprise backup software has the ability to write directly to an S3 target. For this example, we will show configuration of Cyberduck for bucket configuration.

Accessing the Lumen Network Storage Portal

Creating Object Storage Buckets Via an S3 Browser

For this example, we will show configuration of Cyberduck for bucket configuration.
S3 terminology typically references “buckets” as the storage containers, with “objects” being stored in those containers. While technically inaccurate, Cyberduck presents this as a more familiar construct of directories and files. The first step is to configure our S3 client for accessing the Lumen Network Storage regional endpoint. As seen in our example, our chosen region is US-west-1 (PHX).

  1. Launch Cyberduck.

  2. Click the Open Connection icon.

  3. Click on the FTP line.

  4. Select the Amazon S3 transfer protocol.

  5. Edit the Server name so that it will point to your Lumen Network Storage Region endpoint URL.

  6. Enter the user Access Key and Secret Key.

  7. Click the Connect button. Cyberduck login data entry dialog

  8. After a connection is created, you will be in the ‘root’ directory, where you can create a new bucket. Cyberduck connection “root” directory

  9. Right-click on the list or choose File > New Folder from the menu. Cyberduck Create New Folder dialog

Your folder is created and is now available to write data through:

  • Your S3 browser via drag-drop functionality.
  • Your backup software.
  • Directly via the S3 API.

Returning to the Lumen Network Storage Object Dashboard, your new bucket is listed.

Lumen Network Storage Object Dashboard with the just-created new bucket listed, along with Region, Tenant, and Primary Site details

Further Information on S3 protocol APIs can be found here.
To open a support ticket, click on the help icon at the top right of the portal window to send an email request, or call the Lumen support desk.

United States: 1-888-638-6771
Canada: 1-866-296-5335
EMEA: 0800 496 5000 (UK) / +800 5336 3273 (EU)
Asia Pacific: +65 6768 8099