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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: 03 de dezembro de 2019

Atualizado por Anshul Arora em dez 3, 2019
Código do artigo: kb/1272

Announcements (4)

Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation (CPC on vCF)

Branding Update

We are ready to roll out our new branding for the HTML5 interface for vCD. This will be included with all new builds and added to our upgrade process for existing customers.

Plataforma de gerenciamento de aplicativos na nuvem

Billing simplification

As a result of the billing simplification initiative, Cloud Application Manager is eliminating the need to invoice line-items regarding past-month updates. To avoid these updates going forward we will bill all Cloud Application Manager related charges in arrears. Your dezembro 2019 invoice will only include updates from October usage, and the actual Cloud Application Manager November usage will be charged in your janeiro 2020 invoice. Cloud Application Manager Billing Usage History will reflect the changes to the invoice and we will remove the Billing Cycle dropdown option as a result of this billing simplification.

New provider type for Compute instances

Cloud Application Manager has added the support for the Compute instances provider type. Any owned infrastructure can be brought to Cloud Application Manager by installing the Cloud Application Manager agent and registering it to Compute Instances Provider using a self-register code snippet. This will enable the lifecycle of the instance through Cloud Application Manager like with any other natively-deployed instance. For more information see Using Compute Instances

New CloudFormation types supported

Application Lifecycle Management now supports additional CloudFormation types to be used in CloudFormation template boxes. These additional types are: "AWS::GameLift::MatchmakingConfiguration", "AWS::GameLift::MatchmakingRuleSet", "AWS::GameLift::Queue" and "AWS::GameLift::Script". Users can now use these new resource types in the template definition of any CloudFormation template box or update any existing template instance to use it.

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