Cloud Workload Security

Uma ampla variedade de opções de segurança gerenciada em camadas para defender as cargas de trabalho em nuvem/hospedagem.

Managed security options layered to defend Cloud/Hosting workloads.

DDoS Mitigation Services

To detect and block traffic flood attacks aimed at crashing or reducing availability of servers, applications, websites, and networks, Lumen DDoS Mitigation Service combines enhanced network routing, rate limiting and IP filtering with advanced network-based mitigation.

Managed Firewall Services

Lumen deploys, manages and monitors industry-leading next generation firewalls to protect and control network traffic while inspecting it for malicious content.

Web Application Firewall

Lumen deploys, manages and monitors Imperva SecureSphere WAF appliances to protect Internet-facing websites from application-based web attacks. Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewalls protect http transactions from common attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc.

File Integrity Monitoring

Protect workloads with Trend Micro agents that alert on unexpected changes to OS files and directories that could be caused by breaches or the execution of malware that went undetected by anti-virus.

Security Log Monitoring

Log Collection adapters consolidate and correlate security events along with proprietary threat intelligence from Lumen’s global network to alert on potential incidents. They are available for all Lumen Cloud and Managed Hosting platforms, including third party cloud providers, with consolidation, SIEM rules, and monitoring and escalation.

Threat Management Service

Vulnerability Scanning identifies the need to remedy any broader security weaknesses from potential exploits. Qualys vulnerability scanners issue warnings when infrastructure needs an extra layer of security protection.

Cloud/Hosting Anti-Virus Protection

Lumen-managed operating systems are hardened for malware defense, and anti-malware protection is included when Lumen manages the operating system for client workloads. Our system management maintains vigilant patch and signature updates to protect against the latest exploits. This bundled service helps the retail industry comply with PCI requirement section 5 and protects Lumen Managed Hosting, Private and Public Cloud platforms.

Lumen Cloud and Private Cloud defends against malware with Clam AV on RedHat Enterprise Linux, and Windows Defender on Windows workloads. Managed Hosting and Dedicated Cloud Compute include McAfee AV protection, managed by the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. Custom (SOW-based) solutions are available for CPC to deploy McAfee with a dedicated ePO management platform.

Lumen Global Security Operations Centers

Cybersecurity and enterprise digital transformation go hand in hand with Lumen Global Security Operations Centers (SOCs). External and insider threats have become more complex, but the experts at our security operations centers work vigilantly around the clock.

We've provided DDoS mitigation since 2007 from eight locations across North America, EMEA and Latin America. Our global network provides extensive visibility into threats, and our SOC leverages this information to protect your assets.

Lumen Global Security Operations Centers

Casos de uso

Staying Ahead of Security Threats

The longer it takes to detect a cyberattack, the more harm it can cause. During a breach, attacks can conduct surveillance and steal data from your organization, increasing the cost and consequences.

Transformation Without Compromise

Robust application protection keeps applications running smoothly and businesses adhering to industry and compliance requirements without compromising security to their data and network.

Countering Insider Breaches

Detecting insider threats is essential to the protection of a network. Organizations must maintain a consistent level of security policies for both internal and external threats.

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